Cloudification Epilogue

By Nils Solvang, Managing Partner

So, you want to cloudify.

cloud_200-362x336You read our initial post and decided that cloudification would be good for your business. You have also developed some appreciation of the potential challenges of cloudification through Mark’s Top Tips. Maybe you have also decided that your business have sufficient skills in-house to deliver cloudification of your main office infrastructure. So, itching to go, the next question is who in your organisation should run this project?

Your technical lead is someone with good technical insight, who would read Top Tip #2 and #3 with great interest, and is possibly already investigating your data for any of the potential issues!  Your technical person is also the one you would have a chat with to make the supplier decision as discussed in Top Tip #1.

Your project lead is someone who is well organised, understands your business processes and has excellent communication skills. The Project Lead will read our Top Tip #4 with interest, recognising the necessity for management and people skills. If you are not sure if you have the right skills for both of these roles in-house, you could always consider bringing in external expertise to handle either one of the roles.

OK, so you’ve picked your core team.

But before you embark, you would also be wise to consider what the Cyber Security implications are when you cloudify. We’ve mentioned that your Cyber protection level is most likely to improve. There are however things to think about. The most important one is password protection. The vast majority of security breaches happens because of poor password management.

A simple measure like Two Factor Authentication (TFA) where your users credential are verified through something like an SMS message to a registered phone will virtually eliminate breach due to loss of password. Cloudifying means that you can now easily turn this feature on or off for individual users, or across the board.

Other monitoring and auditing services are available on different platforms, and this is one area where we would recommend seeking external advice even if you are running the cloudification project in-house.

That was all, we hope you have enjoyed our cloudification journey and discover the many and varied benefits we believe it brings to businesses like yours, and we wish you the best of luck with running and growing your business whatever IT services model you choose.

And of course, keep watching this space for more plain talking revelations on the evolution of the IT Cloud and related SaaS.

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Cloudification Epilogue
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