Transformation and the people.

How are people affected by transformation?  At least three distinct groups can be identified who will have an impact, or be impacted by transformation.

For implementers, a key to successfully engaging process operators is through sympathetic communication. Understand how processes work from the people who know them best. Developing the ability to listen will allay a lot of the worry and fear about the impact of digital transformation. Transformation may significantly modify or eliminate business processes. Honest conversations around what will happen and why they are required, will help to keep people on-board.

For end users, listening isn’t enough. The project must be able to react to their feedback. This can be problematic if you have fixed constraints around project deliverables and timelines. But why continue digital transformation if it’s not working for the end user? A project may need the agility to shift and re-route to deliver success.

For initiators and managers, a new way of thinking is required. There needs to be clear ownership and insight about what they want to achieve. A decade ago most technology projects were well defined, had known associated costs and fixed timescales. A successful transformation will present the business with an ongoing cost rather than one that can be written off at a predetermined conclusion.

Transformation and the people.

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