Web Migration

For some of our clients,

Moving to the cloud can be as simple as developing a public facing web site that presents their business and brand in the best possible manner.  Not always as a means of generating revenue, but often purely for providing information about the business itself.

Here are a few examples of the web sites we have asssited to fruition (Click on the images to be taken to the sites):

Yes, this site, CloudCIO built their own web site. Well you might expect that from IT professionals who love their work.  Fincon.me continue to host and manage this site.
QTRKR is in innovative web based mechanism alerting students to the queue lengths in their favorite clubs.  Innitiated in Exeter this is set to expand into the broader college community in 2018.  CloudCIO built the functional and working POC which has now evolved into this site
St Helens and St Peters Church, in Wheathampstead / Gustartd Wood. Fincon.me project managed the deployment of this site from concept to deployment as well as building out the site and providing much of the initial content.
DanteElectrical – performed a migration of this site to our own hosting supplier,  Fincon.me continue to host and manage this site.
Annabels Montessori Nursery School, Lempsford, this was a replacement of an existing web site with a new, revitalised and completely different one.  Fincon.me continue to host and manage this site.
A web based Cyber Risk Assessment application. CloudCIO are evolving this web application in partnership with Custodian Insurance
MeryDanteBeauty – Created this site from scratch, providing the technical guidance and initial content, style and media.  Fincon.me continue to host and manage this site.
Home Media Stroage and Streaming
Bike projects by KG – a new site under development

CloudCIO come from a pedigree of Web Development excellence having designed, buiult and deployed many hundreds of web sites and applications in our time (business, corporate and enterprise Intranets and Extranets).

CloudCIO partner, Fincon.me offer a hosting and development package that is right for you, for example simple web site development projects start at £250.00 and hosting from £3.00 per month.

Fincon.me can also provide a retainer service starting at £10 per month to make sure your web deployment is patched, kept up to date from a security perspective and that those last minute edits get made in a timely fashion without you having the worry of remembering how to use the admin interface and usernames and passwords. just email mark@fincon.me for further details.