Our Mission

CloudCIO’s mission

Is to simplify our customer’s business processes through the use of the cloud. We pride ourselves on delivering real value to our customers, so will always show how our suggestions can increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk.  We reveal how IT services can be made more effective by leveraging the cloud, adding value and functionality previously reserved for large enterprises.

Our range of services:

  • CloudCIO Blog
    • Free Tips and Advice on cloud computing
  • Web site review & recommendations report
    • Assess messaging/campaign effectiveness
      • Check brand alignment and core values
    • Check web site style (brand) consistency & efficiency of site
    • Assess user & admin functionality
    • Review web site security
    • Establish/review monitoring and analytics
    • Improve digital marketing (Increase visitors & web traffic)
      • Leveraging and increased Social media interaction
      • Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook
      • Increased visitor conversions
  • Cloud Preparation
    • Infrastructure analysis
    • Business process and services analysis
    • Data Check & Fix
    • Analysis Report
    • Recommendations
  • Full migration Service (the benefits of which are)
    • Improved security stance (Reduce security risk)
      • Updates & Patches installed immediately
      • Industrial quality Antivirus & Firewalling
    • Improved business process efficiency
      • Modelling industry standards
    • Greater flexibility and scalability
      • Access to storage and compute power that expand and shrink with demand
      • Low cost Test and Development of new processes
      • Improved mobility

Our intention is to free our clients up, to spend more time doing what they are best at.  Our clients are businesses who are dependent on IT, but prefer not to have to deal with it personally.  Typically they are Accountants, Financial Advisers, Insurers and Solicitors firms but we will work in any business sectors where we feel we can really make improvements.



The value for your business:

When we engage with customers, they often want us to review their digital presence and online marketing.  To this end we assess their web site and other channels from a branding and messaging perspective, ensuring that the style is consistent throughout and that the core business values are reflected by the web site content.  We check the various end user functions and administrative interfaces to ensure the site is functional and secure.  For instance; does the “contact us” page work and are emails being generated and reaching the right people within the organisation?  We will also check the ease with which web site content can be added or modified and how effecient the site map is.

We check that your web site analytics are working and the degree to which you make use of social media to boost your online customer engagement.  We will produce a digital presence and online marketing report with our findings and identify any recommendations.

Before we undertake a full cloud migration service, the customer will get our independent view of their existing IT infrastructure and software landscape.  We produce a comprehensive, but plain English report on our findings.  Where beneficial, we provide a set of cloud specific recommendations, including a Cloud Migration road map. During migration, we will take every step to ensure minimum risk and system downtime.

The cloud offers improved security and efficiency.  When moving to the Cloud, you will want robust, resilient, and secure solutions.  CloudCIO provide independent, informed and honest advice on the best cloud services for your business and how to mitigate any risks.  Your staff can become more mobile, since they are no longer chained to their desks and you want simple, but secure and flexible access, anytime, anywhere to your systems from the devices your employees want to use.



Holistic approach to hybrid IT (your on premise systems and cloud services)

60 years experience of enterprise IT, Intranets and Extranets including cloud.

Hands on understanding of what works well (and what doesn’t)

No nonsense approach

Not marketing agency – IT development professionals with keen eye for detail

Ability to conceive and deliver innovative cloud services and solutions