Mission & Service Description

Our mission is to help our customers better understand how cloud services can improve their business.  We help migrate to, and then flourish within, the new and emerging Cloud IT environment.  Our experts understand a number of vertical markets and how their processes can benefit from new technology. Experienced in commercial and Enterprise IT at all levels.  From Development to Architecture to Programme management and with a visionary approach, we are not only capable of quickly understanding clients’ current Digital IT infrastructure and challenges, but clearly seeing the way forwards for clients’ Digital Strategy.

Specialised in making the Cloud easy to understand, by removing the hype and jargon, and converting clients’ business strategy into a digital one.  We can assess clients’ current digital assets (web sites, cloud services etc.) against their current marketing and business strategy.  Making improvement recommendations where necessary.

We also have extensive expertise in cyber security risk assessment, organisational and infrastructure vulnerability mitigation plans.

CloudCIO can asisst clients in their migration to the Cloud, ensuring their digital assets are working to their best advantage, we can also be there to advise as new services and technologies emerge that may be of benefit.

The company’s advantage is the ability to take the hype out of the cloud and replace it with practical common sense.  The company’s experts will tell its clients exactly what advantages the cloud will bring to their business, and which pitfalls to avoid.

We offer a flexible range of services from up to date free advice, to fully managed cloud migration services.

The core of the business is small but highly experienced with a broad network of knowledgable partners to draw on in areas like cyber security, mobile networks, satellite telecoms.