The CloudCIO Engagement.

We are an independant consultancy, so we don’t sell specific products. We just provide our professional advice and assistance. CloudCIO offers a wide range of IT advisory and support services at sensible costs, from an advisory Blog (for free), via short workshops for direction and advice, to a fully managed Cloud Migration service.

For example, Small or Medium sized Enterprises typically need a few days professional analysis of their IT environment for a full appreciation of the migration challenges they face. Key staff will need to share their experiences and identify where they believe improvements might be made. The business will benefit from the production of a detailed and comprehensive report identifying what has been found. After this has been agreed as a fair and true representation of the status quo, a second document identifying where the organisation can benefit from migration to cloud services will be provided.

After considering on our recommendations, a business may decide to implement some or all of them. CloudCIO’s experience provides an unparalleled capability to assist in bringing these recommendations to a reality; negotiating with suppliers, project managing the change processes and suppling the integration, aggregation and configuration technology to enable an organisation to fully realise the benefits of moving specific IT services to the Cloud.

Over time CloudCIO can be on hand to advise how best to take advantage of any new Cloud innovations.


Study Phase

Documentation Phase

The Recomendations

Our consultants will visit your premises, meeting key personnel and documenting the IT landscape your organisation currently works with. They will begin a report, including an IT inventory and a high level information security assessment, and identify existing out-sourced, hosted or cloud applications. Any issues and areas for improvement will be noted. The first report describes the findings in terms of performance, cost and security benefits. It contains a high level vision for your Cloud migration. It will undergo a rigorous review to ensure this meets our quality standards before being released for review. We expect changes to this report will be identified by your team, and we will rework it accordingly as we attempt to reach agreement of it being an accurate representation of your status quo. Once the initial Analysis has been signed off, we will provide a recommendations report including a migration plan to a hybrid IT environment and a roadmap for your future operations in the cloud. This report will identify the business significance of these recommendations, enabling you to select and prioritise these. The report will include examples of how similar changes have benefitted other organisations, already leveraging Cloud Services.

Implementation Phase

Post Delivery Support

The Next Steps…

If you want to implement our recommendations, you may need a partner with experience of Corporate IT and an ability to negotiate with suppliers to your advantage. You may need project management skills or a partner capable of working alongside your own personnel. Complex cloud migrations often require many technologies that CloudCIO are uniquely positioned to develop or commission for you. You may need to devise new ways of supporting users of your new services, including training your support-desk. Every step of the way CloudCIO can be on hand to help resolve challenges and obtain the best value for money for your Cloud migration. After the delivery of a recommended service we will re-assess the roadmap with you and ensure measurements are in place to realise your ROI. If you decide to proceed to the next prioritised recommendation, the Implementation Phase will be repeated. If new services come to market that we believe would benefit your organisation we will keep you informed. If, you come to the end of the recommendations, we will still be available to validate the steps you have taken, ensure these are working as planned and rectify where necessary. CloudCIO run a lean business, living by our own recommendations, we are passionate believers that IT should be an enabler for business growth, and that businesses should be focusing on their core business, not wasting energy on running costly IT infrastructure. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service and develop a relationship with our clients unlike other larger consultancies. Should you wish to engage in a longer term relationship with CloudCIO, we have a range of models for ongoing strategic support that we would be happy to discuss with you.